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Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back on blog

Finally, ms owner decided to update my blog! we'll be updating the blog more often from now. we haven't been doing much lately *yawn* since someone's had been busy with the study and homework. I probably gain on weight for being slacker at home. sleeping all day.

~i'm dreaming of a luxury bed~

To prevent the rain from ruining my daily walks. ms.owner decided to go for walks at 5pm fron now onwards.

~ they bark like mad whenever they saw me~

Lucky enough, the rain started right after we got home!

this time, mr.dumbell is the victim of the day.soaking wet under the rain~
~back to sleep again and check out my blue eyes! freaky eh?

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Making of Pacco's Birthday Card (:

so.. since It was Pacco's Birthday I decided *ahem* right.. My owner & I decided to make a homemade card for her. you WONT believe this. it took her 3 days to finished this card hahaha! so un-believe-able!

First, you all the things in the photo accept the "remote control".
After, all the cuting and measuring.. done.. she decided to ask me to do something to the card. like making a pawprint on the card..
evantually, I was too lazy to bother her. and later on, I changed my mind and decided to help her with it. [Jiayee's note: look at her eyes on the greenie. what she knows is FOOD!]
hmm so yea.. what do you want me to help with?
well.. is not my fault.. I dint know where to chop on..
over the whole floor.. theres my pawprints on it.. how KOOL! ..
and so.. she decided to dump the old one cos of what I've done on top of the card and "redo" everything again! BOL!

Tadaa! wow..that was fast..

and she was trying to do a little.. burning -design ... with the paper.. [btw, she burn her finger cos she wasnt focusing lol. silly owner.]end up.. she dosent likes it.. I decided to help her a little. [The truth: Give me the greenie now?] with a little paw-touch.. I can turn this into a master-piece!This is the Last Day Of Making.. she move everything to the bed room now..gosh, your bed looks much more messy than mine! [Jiayee's note: Is actually not like that :P]
hm.. a little cut here.. a little glue over there.. a little cut over there again.. a little ink over here again.. hmmm..
I was wondering.. does she sleeps with all those..? hmm.. where does she put her legs then? oh.. maybe she had been sleeping on the floor! cos she's too lazy to clean it up.. maybe?.. ohh.. it keeps me thinking all day!

this is how the front page looks likee... she's so "blur" always. and she forgot to take a photo of how the whole thing looks like! haha.. thats just so stupid! hahahais sure.. is tiring.. althought, I barely do anything xD! [gosh, who took this? I dont normally sleep like this HONESTLY!] Jiayee: haa.. she ALWAYS DOES!

sure looks tiring! one question!Jie jie, is the way how you always sleep..? I can sleep like that too.. ya knowww..

P.S. so sorry we are late, Pacco my slim black buddy! Hope you like your pressie and the homemade card! (: Happy Be-lated 4th Birthday Pacco! we love you!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Stressful and FuN 2009!

Yep thaats what I'm woofing about =P Happy Stressful and FuN 2009 ;D. My jie jie (owner) is Form1 now. So she will be very busy on tuition..activities at the school and stuff...=( that means SHE WONT BE ABLE TO SPEND AS MUCH TIME AS LAST TIME!(and is also very tiring and stressful to her.. STUDY STUDY STUDY!WHAT ABOUT THE ADORABLE LITTLE HAPPY ME?GRRR! I hate school! ( I heard her saying that! So I agreed with her :P) and we will also be doing AGILITY! Oh yeah.. thats what I'm talking about FuN! hohoho! this will be sooo-ooooo-oooo-oooo much FuN! (secretly, I hate the tunnel and =S the chute and also the see-saw(teeter) These obstacles scare me ALWAYS!)hmm what more to bark about?Oh and did I mention about "my new beddy"? Oh yes! I'm getting another beddy coz of my old "nest" aka basket it actually spoiled is from Ikea. Look at Ikea stuff Poor Quality! don't buy any baskets from Ikea !(actually I guess she bite it or something :P) I think my jie jie is making one for me? WHAT? I prefer buying from Ikea again then =P you dogs wont know how my bed end up looks like!(oh and I promise you dogs to upload photos in my last post ? I dont feel like uploading any yet so Sorry dogs!Happy Stressful and FuN 2009! I'm soo looking forward to Chinese Ne w Year! dont you dogs think about those yummy tasty food we get to eat?* slurp*

Friday, December 19, 2008

A really sad day.. 19/12/08

Today, I'm truly sad.. I was told that my morning walker (maid) is going back to her home( Indonesia). You guys might think she's just a normal maid that take me for walks, feed me and hate dogs kind of person. She's not, she been taking care me seems the day I was here in my new home (1st of December 2005). She play with me allot and love to take me for walks. I dont understand what must she leave me =(..she say she will miss me dearly but I really dont understand if she will be missing me..why must she leave.. I truly dont understand.. I got some photo shoots with her , but blogger dosent let me upload any of'em. I hope I can upload them in the next post..=( P.S. This post is really short.. because my jie jie and I dosent have those mood to write that long..='(
Hugs and kisses ,
Happy the sad dog and Jie jie the sad owner.